Patients in pain have known to trusted the expertise of Dr. Brian L. Tutor and the staff at Tutor Chiropractic Health Care since 1983. Located in North Aurora, IL, our office provides a range of holistic treatments to treat a wide variety of medical issues. In addition to full-body chiropractic manipulation, we also offer physiotherapy, therapeutic massage and acupuncture.

Tutor Chiropractic, uses holistic treatments to treat most common ailments such as:

• Allergies, arthritis and asthma
• Auto accident and work-related injuries
• Back and neck pain
• Carpal tunnel and chronic pain syndromes
• Post-surgical rehab, sciatica and sports injuries
• TMJ, infertility, heel spurs and knee/ankle/foot pain

Dr. Tutor’s approach is to treat the body as a whole. At the start of each treatment, chiropractic assistants will apply heat packs onto your back with focus on your neck, shoulders, spine and lower back followed by electronic physiotherapy massage and soft tissue massage in preparation for full body manipulation.

We are a Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO provider and accept other insurance including Medicare and workers’ compensation.

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