Don’t take our word. Hear what our patients have to say when asked the following questions: How has your health improved since you have been under chiropractic care? Why Tutor Chiropractic, what makes us different?


I was in a major auto accident and could not bend over because I would get dizzy. Dr. Tutor helped me get better and I am very grateful to God for coming to TCHC. I overcame the fear of driving again. My commute of an hour does not compare to how I feel when I see Dr. Tutor.

My son Carlos has down syndrome, and unfortunately when he was five he was no longer able to walk. I took him to see Dr. Tutor on a referral from a friend. Within four months, Carlos was walking. He will only allow Dr. Tutor to do his adjustments. I now am bringing my friend’s son, who is also disabled, in for treatments. He is two years old and cannot walk as well. We hope to see the same results for him as we did with Carlos.
Margarita J. – Crystal Lake, IL


I have suffered from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis my entire life. Dr. Tutor is a good chiropractor. He cares strongly about his patients. It is like one big happy family including Dakota, Dr. Tutor’s puppy that comes to work with him everyday.

Dr. Tutor and his staff work on patients from head to toe. Many other chiropractors only treat one area. Dr. Tutor wants to make sure it is a relaxing experience. Starting with hot packs, then to the massage vibrator on the entire body, he literally works on you from head to toe. He believes that if your feet aren’t stable it can cause other parts of your body to hurt. He then continues with soft tissue massage concentrating on the area of concern, and then finishes off with his full body manipulation. Dr. Tutor spends a lot of time with each patient and their problem areas.
Pam C. – Aurora, IL


Since my treatments with Dr. Tutor, my aches and pains are down to a minimum. My lower back is free of tightness and that has made it easier to get around. I know when I start feeling that something is out of place that it is time to see Dr. Tutor and it will be taken care of.

Dr. Tutor gives a complete full body adjustment. There are other doctors that give an adjustment to certain parts of the body, like a bone or muscle that is not working properly and they then use a clicker.
Nancy S. – N. Aurora, IL


I used to have to take painkillers on a regular basis, but now I only need Tylenol or aspirin for the pain. I have had a bad back forever and have tried other chiropractors and other treatments. Dr. Tutor’s treatments work the “Best”.

The vibrating massager is my favorite part. The friendliness of his employees is great. He takes his time with each patient.
Margaret H.– Sugar Grove, IL


Improvement is an understatement! My husband is walking upright, rather than hunched over and I am almost pain free in my lower back. We will continue with maintenance to stay feeling good. See for yourself, how great you can feel, you won’t be sorry.

Dr. Tutor and his staff make us feel like family! We know them and they take the time to know us. We are not just a number! They truly care how we feel.
Margaret and Frank B. – Sugar Grove, IL


My daughter and I are both patients of Dr. Tutor. He has helped Nicole’s back and my bad hip. His treatments have helped us tremendously. The equipment is available to us making each day better.

Dr. Tutor listens to us and then relieves the pain. Also, no matter when we need him, his staff always gets us in. Thank you. They are always cheerful, helpful and thoughtful.
Sandra and Nicole V. – N. Aurora, IL


After trying several chiropractors and searching for the perfect doctor, we finally found Dr. Tutor. I am 80 years old now and have been coming to Dr. Tutor for over 24 years. My daughter has been his patient for the same period of time. Dr. Tutor even treated my mother in the past.

If I get any aches and pains, I call Dr. Tutor straight away. I see my regular doctor only for my Diabetes and High Blood Pressure issues. My experience is that all they want to do is prescribe medication.

It is very important to keep your body in alignment to keep you going. Even if you aren’t in pain you should come at least once a month to stay healthy and aligned. Life in general gets strenuous so keeping your body aligned is very important. I can tell when I lift something heavy, or twist the wrong way that it is time to come in to see him. God forbid something happen to Dr. Tutor. I would hate to have to find another chiropractor, but I would never stop going to a chiropractor. I hope he never retires.

I work as a hostess and strongly believe in chiropractic care. As mentioned, I have been a patient for over 24 years as well. I feel so much better after each treatment. When my aches and pains come into play, I know it is once again time to see Dr. Tutor. The consistent treatments are what really keep me going and moving.

The staff at TCHC is very caring and loving. Having Dakota, the mascot dog at the office is very helpful for the healing process. The hot packs feel great and loosen my muscles. Dr. Tutor always makes you feel good. You can confide in him and he is very trustworthy. We celebrate birthdays with the staff and they are always welcoming. My mother and I always look forward to our appointments. You never know what is being celebrated.
Lil and Suzi A. – Batavia, IL


When a neurologist said that I wouldn’t be able to walk again, I began seeing a chiropractor. I have MS and experience the most relief of pain and increased mobility after my chiropractic treatments, than I would get from taking a bunch of medication. I have had MD’s prescribe muscle relaxants and the relief from my chiropractic treatments outweigh the affects of the medication.

After a year of regular chiropractic treatments, I was able to walk unattended. I have continued my chiropractic treatments regularly over the years and I no longer need assistance to walk.

Dr. Tutor spends a lot of time with me. He performs a thorough head to toe treatment. I found that other chiropractors do not do that.

If you are really hurting, Dr. Tutor is the chiropractor for you. He and his staff are always courteous, thoughtful and knowledgeable.
Jymme K. – Oswego, IL